Our Story

We’re a group of friends from Silicon Valley obsessed with creating a way to feel amazing in the morning after a night out. Morning Recovery is a side project born out of our frustration as balancing productivity and social life became challenging.

Sisun Lee, Founder/CEO

Prior to starting Morning Recovery, Sisun was a staff product manager at Tesla, and a product manager at Uber and Facebook. He graduated with a Systems Design Engineering degree from the University of Waterloo.

His story with Morning Recovery begins with his trip to Korea where he witnessed locals frequently taking drinking supplements after drinking alcohol. Back in the States, he dove into research, and created Morning Recovery with the goal of helping people get back their time.

"We want you to wake up the next morning feeling amazing and ready to tackle your day."


Dr. Jing Liang, M.D, P.H.D Professor, USC

Dr. Liang is an advisor of 82 Labs; company behind Morning Recovery. 

"Morning Recovery has the necessary ingredients, knowledge, and technology to help you. I’m a strong supporter of Sisun and his team’s mission to continue creating the healthiest solutions for the world."

Company behind the brand

82 Labs, Inc. is an early-stage startup based in Los Angeles backed by Slow Ventures, 500 Startups, and Strong VC. Our first product is a liquid dietary supplement called Morning Recovery. We're hiring!

We launched first on

On July 5, 2017, Morning Recovery launched to public through Indiegogo. Within an hour, we reached 100% of our production goal. Our campaign finished a month later at 940%; having raised over $240K USD. We got to production sooner than expected, and we thank all of our backers for helping us get Morning Recovery off the ground.

In the last 12 days of our campaign, we've donated $1 to MADD for every order placed. The MADD team has reached out to us to share their gratitude, and we thank you for helping us make a small contribution to them. 

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